From The Kill Pen

From The Kill Pen

In 2013, meatballs served in the restaurants at IKEA stores in Europe were found to contain an unadvertised ingredient - horsemeat. But the problem wasn’t just IKEA’s. Within a short period of time, it was discovered that there were other global companies selling beef products containing up to forty percent horsemeat.

Europe’s “Horsegate,” as it became known, shocked an unsuspecting public around the world, but didn’t shock those in horse-related industries. That’s because those working in horse racing, rodeo, and other equine industries are privy to a disturbing underground pipeline of which most of mainstream society is still completely unaware.

Fact-driven and without gratuitous violent imagery, From the Kill Pen exposes the pipeline that brings tainted horse meat into the food supply, whether it is sold to unsuspecting customers who do not know of its origin, or used illegally as a "filler" for products labeled as other species. With candid interviews and undercover video, From the Kill Pen investigates how and why unregulated horse meat is getting into the human food chain, along with the inherent dangers to the people who who might consume the product, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Ultimately, From the Kill Pen asks the essential questions: Should our nation’s horses be slaughtered for human consumption? Can our government come up with a legal solution to eliminate this pipeline? Or are the economic and political forces driving it too strong?

From the Kill Pen was recently acquired by Synergetic Distributions for worldwide release in the coming months. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page and our website for updates on our release date!

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